Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Sarim Jarim

Source: Review : Saarim Jarim | Druk Trowa

Just like the Ying and the Yang are two opposite and different things but complement each other, so are the two characters in the Film who are two different people but somehow complete each other even though they don’t know it initially.

Tshering is a police officer who is having problems at work since a convict escapes from prison while he is on duty and he gets a verbal thrashing from his boss leaving him angry and feeling lower than the dirt below his feet.

Tandin is a college graduate who is frustrated with her life since she cannot get a job for herself though she is highly qualified. She drinks and goes to commit suicide because of her failure but is saved by Tshering who is at the same spot at the moment and feels that it is his duty to stop the cowardliness.  Tandin is thrown out of her sister’s house and seeing that she has nowhere to go, Tshering offers to let her stay at his place till she gets a job but as Tandin begins to prolong her stay it results in her falling in love with him and Tshering getting irritated with her every time. Tshering has many other love interests in his life and this makes Tandin sad and hopeless. However, she is persuaded and instigated by Tshering’s orderly (Phurpa Thinley) to win him over. Tandin tries her best but to no avail. Tshering doesn’t show the slightest interest in her and soon she leaves his home feeling dejected.

It is only after she leaves that he misses her and realizes that he has fallen in love with her. He realizes that “Jarim” (as he lovingly calls her) completes him. They are finally reunited but then arises objections from his family in the beginning who finally submit to the love of “Sarim” and “Jarim” in the end.

The movie has been well scripted and the songs in the movie will set many people humming to the tunes. “Sarim” and “Jarim” along with Phurpa Thinley manage to produce comedy which is continual and relieving. The movie has the ingredients that make up a commercially viable must watch Film supplying comedy, romance, sadness, songs and dance.

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