Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Seven Missed Calls: A review


25 July 2010

Grudge and revenge is the subject of the latest action flick Seven Missed Calls, which is drawing a good number of audiences at the Lugar The atre in Thimphu.

The film revolves around the central theme of how people can get trapped in a vicious cycle of grudge. The chain never breaks as one person keeps confronting the other. Laying down arms and deciding to break the cycle eludes human beings because of ego. It is also a story of suspicion, and test of trust and love.

The movie is a sequel to Ar unachal Pradesh to Thimphu.

With the earlier cast resuming their roles and a strong storyline, the film is a response to the overwhelming demand from the audience, who could not get enough of the first part, said Jigme Ring, the male protagonist and director of the film.

Produce by Kinden Enter tainment at a cost of Nu 1.5 million, the film was released on June 24 in Paro.

The feedback from the pub lic is good and the turnover promising, said Jigme Ring.

Sangay Dorji, businessman and frequent movie goer, said he has not seen anything quite like this before in a Bhutanese film.

“My daughter wanted to watch this film. I thought it to be boring but, to my own surprise, I enjoyed the film,” said Sangay Dorji.

Many people said they en joyed the action sequence and songs, but thought the story was not convincing.

Ugyen, an employee of a private firm, said he did not enjoy the film.

“It has a little too much of action,” he said.

Seven Missed Calls is also being screened in Mig Hall in Phuntsholing.


Anonymous said...

This movie is the most intersting one and it deserves a lot of awards like for the acterss, make up artist, music though it doesnt have that good story to be frank.

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