Thursday, August 21, 2014

Reawakening (Bhutanese Short Film)

A troubled man carefully and deliberately performs his last prayers at the altar, planning to later end his miseries by taking his own life. Determined to escape his pain, can anything stop him now?

Drang Gollay

The setting is magical and mysterious. It’s like a classic novel coming alive on the silver screen. The storyline is fresh, appealing and thrilling, keeping one on edge but glued to the seat.

While Drang Gollay is the name of the villain, the film is a saga. It’s of a heroic deed, interwoven with that of love and unselfish devotion. It is about conquering hatred, revenge and the thirst for power, that blinds a man. Drang Gollay (Nidup Dorji) is a general, who serves under the Paro penlop Wangchen Drakpa (Pem Taze).

The scene opens in the present day, when Kuenphen (Sonam Tenzin – Sergyel), a researcher, working at an archaeological ruin in Paro, meets Yiwong (debutante Sonam Wangmo), a doctor working with the team.

A mysterious force and a repeated dream bind the two protagonists. The dream is related to the ruins and haunts them. They discover an ancient scroll buried within the ruins, and the plot thickens, as a series of flashback give the mysterious dreams a touch of reality, breaking down the barriers of the force that brought them together.

Their journey is tireless, but their love unwavering and unbreakable. There are not many music videos that usually disrupt the flow of the film, although some scenes seem disconnected. The few that are there merge gracefully and provide a break from the thrill that emerges from not knowing what will come next.

Accompanied by a fresh story line, and commendable acting skills and cinematography, Drang Gollay is an entertaining film, and not many may notice that it is 2 hours 43 minutes long.

The film is directed by Kinley Tshering Dorji and Sonam Phuntsho. The movie has been screening at City Cinema hall in Thimphu since August 1.

Source: Kuenselonline