Saturday, June 26, 2010

First national talent hunt begins


25 June, 2010 - Bhutanese interested in joining the entertainment business or the film industry will now have a window to showcase acting, singing and dancing talents.
Mila communications in Thimphu launched the first national talent hunt yesterday, and will soon start auditions throughout the country. The hunt, at the end of the audition, will select top actors, both male and female, and child actors in acting, singing, mimicking and dancing.

“Bhutanese youth are talented, but there’s no platform for them to showcase their talents,” said the proprietor of Mila communication, Mila Tobgyel. “Even the present actors mayn’t have been there in the film industry, if they hadn’t met film directors and producers, who offered them the opportunity.”

The audition will start from Zhemgang on July 3, after which they will go to all other dzongkhags.

The audition will be done under six categories. Ten actors each for women, men and children will be selected, and another 20 best comedians, 10 each from both male and female category will be selected.

“Finally, the best three will be selected and sent to the Asian film academy in New Delhi for training,” said the proprietor. The final selection will be done on February 20 next year.

Mila Tobgyel said that the talent hunt is a new concept to create jobs opportunities for youth, while aiming at preserving culture and tradition.

By Nima Wangdi

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