Friday, April 6, 2007

Lay Ngen Bum - Review

25 January, 2007 - What direction life takes often depends on the choices one makes. Some look rosy and promising on the outside but are full of thorns and pain on the inside.Lay ngen bum (ill fated girl) which is screening at the Lugar theatre in Thimphu appears to be a tale of wrong choices and living with its consequences.

A love story with social messages on teenage pregnancy and smooth talking strangers the two hours twenty-five minutes film seems to have impressed some viewers with the camera direction and acting.

Karma Choden (Dechen) is impressive as the school girl who falls for a smooth talking contractor. She gets pregnant with the contractor’s child and on moving to Thimphu, the contractor doesn’t accept her.

All the while her friend and schoolmate Tobdhen, also from the same village, is in love with her but unable to express his love.

“The film portrays that it takes a whole lifetime and even beyond that to know a person well so you just can’t go on trusting everyone”, says Sonam, a viewer.

The film also tries to convey that love and happiness cannot be bought.

Some viewers, however, found the film to be another run of the mill product wrought with few unnecessary scenes.

The film was produced by Thinley Wangchuk and shot in Druzhegang and Thimphu over 48 days. “The movie is based on the social issues,” said Thinley Wangchuk.


Nia here! said...

Cineylens, it's amazing to me that you take time to maintain so many wonderful blogs. I link only to this one at my site but I noticed that you link to at least some of your other blogs from this site. This movie may tell a familiar story and in that case it is "run-of-the-mill". Sometimes a story needs to be told over and over again until people "get it." I wish there was a way to increase the abundance in basic/fundamental (not plastic/throw away/fiat terms) of the people of Bhutan without increasing the amount of waste and blind admiration/mimicry of the foreign. Continued success to you in you studies! All the best, Nia. ^!^

cineylens said...

thanks for the comments and your wishes...:) i try to keep my blogs running, but i got nothing to write at timess...