Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Song of the Wind

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Song of the wind - Coming soon
Release Date:
Clear Light Productions
Karma Choechong, Pabitra Rai, Choki, Karma Tshering, Lhamo Drukpa, 'Bombay' Tashi, Namgay Retty
Screenplay By:
Phuntsok Rabten
Directed By:
Palden Dorji & Phuntsok Rabten
Produced By:
Dasho ST, Rinzin Ongdra & Phuntsok Rabten
Plot Outline:

Tashi, a young engineer with a deep passion for music, is the front man in a contemporary band. As circumstances unfold, he is forced to meet Ap, a legend in traditional music who has renounced music to pursue the spiritual path. In their charged interactions, he gets more than he ever bargained for from Ap. It marks the evolution of a modern-day professional as he explores the deeper recesses of timeless themes through traditional music. The dynamics of traditional insights soon engulfs all aspects of his contemporary life: in his romance, his torn relationship with a father he has never met, a mother driven by practical concerns and his relationship with work and people. This is a modern-day story about change and evolution - that seeks to imbibe the essence of a timeless past into the dynamic present to propell it into a fresh future.

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