Thursday, February 4, 2010

The Graduate & Show Biz

Source: Kuenselonline

4 February, 2010 - In the face of rising challenges for limited jobs in the market, a handful of graduates have considered trying their luck with the growing local film industry.

A little help from someone familiar in the industry and a green signal from the family clubbed with good looks and genuine enthusiasm for acting are all that it takes for a fresh graduate vying to make it in show business.

Besides, with ever increasing demand for local Bhutanese films in the market and a handful of actors appearing in almost every Bhutanese flick, graduates opting for the entertainment business is welcome news for a film industry hungry for new young faces.

Like Karma C Rangdon, 25, from Chukha, who recently graduated from St Joseph’s college, Darjeeling has appeared in two films – Four Friends and Sha Dang Simo.

Apart from his interest in making movies, Karma said it was his big opportunity to establish his identity in society. “I was drawn into the industry because I love show business and the glamour associated with it,” he said.

Karma is focused on making a mark in the industry, following which offers will flow in, he feels. “It’s up to individuals to make their own places in the film industry,” Karma said. “I’m working hard to establish myself and pave my career in the film industry.”

Tandin Bidha, 23, from Gaptay in Paro, has been in the industry since 2006, before she even graduated. But she took a break from films to pursue her studies at the Indian Academy degree college in Bangalore.

Today, Tandin, who, like Karma, enjoyed being on stage and performing since she was in school, has five films in her portfolio. So far, she appeared in Home Sweet Home, Four Friends, Ya Ma So, The Chasing Bride and is currently working on Sarim Jarim.

“I’ll continue acting as long as there are audiences to watch my movies,” she said. “Unlike most parents, my mother is supportive of what I do for a living,” Tandin said.

Director Nima Yoezer, who studied movie direction in Tokyo, said the film industry offered ample space for young graduates to showcase their talents and pursue their dreams of becoming actors and entertainers. “It’s also a good place to develop personal relations with different people,” he said.

BY Phub Tshering


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