Saturday, January 16, 2010

Azha Namgay: The Little Big Star


15 January, 2010 - He never thought that he’d one day become an actor. But when the 3’ 4” tall Namgay Phuntsho was asked to play a comic role, Azha Namgay, as he is more popularly known today, decided to take a chance.
That was two years ago. Today, with eight films under his belt, the 50-year old has fans across the country, and in Arunachal Pradesh, for his comedian performances. “I thank Lhamo Drukpa for having faith in me,” he says of the director, who gave him his first break. “Without her help, I’d be nothing.”

Azha Namgay never went to school. When he was first offered the role of Seday, he was in his village Dathong Goenpa in Punakha with his elder brother and sister.

Seday, he says, turned his life around. He began getting more offers and appeared in films like Sherubtse Ga Me Ga and Seldrup Satharingsa, Sem Dha Sem and Ya Ma Song.

“I love this profession and I swear I’ll keep trying harder each day,” he says. Azha Namgay’s hobbies include sleeping and playing the flute. Because of his height, Azha Namgay says that he faces problem in choosing his clothes and goes to the children’s section instead. “Before I used to hesitate a lot while facing people, fearing they might tease me, but I don’t anymore,” he says. “Now I tease my co-actors instead.”

Azha Namgay plans to marry soon. “I’ve a dream to have at least two kids,” he says. He is currently working on Rinchen Namgyel’s “Tashi gi Metse,” which will be released this January.

His friends love him. Says Jalab Leki, a supporting actor, “He’s old but still like a child.”

By Kinley Wangmo

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