Friday, November 6, 2009

Bhutan Adventure

Source: Serac Adventure Film School


LIVE IT, FILM IT. In Bhutan!

Join Serac Adventure Films at the 2010 Bhutan Film School and learn to make your own adventure film.

Why Bhutan?

Bhutan is one of the most mystical and alluring travel destinations on earth. The tiny Buddhist kingdom tucked amongst the hulking Himalayas offers hushed temples, virgin forests and remote villages waiting to be explored. It’s there, in the Land of the Thunder Dragon, that students will capture the beauty of a forgotten region and create their own adventure film.

What will you film?

Everything from in-depth cultural stories and stunning landscape sequences to behind-the-scenes shots—you decide!

Past student films have covered topics ranging from mountaineering expeditions and extreme sports, to cultural explorations, all while exploring the most exotic edges of the globe. Our students have trekked to Peru’s magical Machu Picchu and to the roof of Africa on Mount Kilimanjaro, filming all the while.

Bhutan Teva Mountain Games

What will you learn?

From the beginning of the adventure film experiences, film school students are immersed in the adventure filmmaking process. Our expert instructors will let you in on the tricks of the trade while you develop your film from pre-production (when you’ll learn how to create a compelling story while planning for your expedition), to production (when you film your thrilling adventure), to post-production (when you edit your film and screen before a live audience).

After this experience you will have the skills and confidence to make more films, enter them to festivals, post them to the Internet or even start a career in film. Some of our student films have won awards and have appeared on national television. Many students have started successful careers in the industry.

Why go with Serac?

The Serac Adventure Film School has built a reputation for innovative instruction and successful, exciting expeditions.

You will make your adventure film with Michael Brown as your mentor. Michael's films have garnered more than 50 film festival awards and three national Emmy Awards, and he has been a member of expeditions on all seven continents including four times to the summit of Mount Everest.

Our Adventure Film School gives you unparalleled access to the best instructors in the industry, who specialize in extreme adventure filmmaking and have taken cameras into the world's most intense environments. They’re at your disposal to teach you the true art of adventure filmmaking first-hand and to guide you through the stages of successful filmmaking.

Bhutan Teva Mountain Games

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