Monday, October 26, 2009

Chorten Kora II

Story, Director and Producer: Wangchuck Director of Photography: Chencho Dorji Assistant Director: Rinchen Namgay Cast: Chencho Dorji, Pema Yanki, Nguldrup Dorjiks, Rinchen Namgay and Jalab Lakey
120 mins, color, 2009

There is good news for Bhutanese movie fans who did not have enough of Chorten Kora. The sequel to the film, Chorten Kora II, has been released at the Trowa Theatre in Changjiji in Thimphu.

The sequel is not a continuation of the first part. The lead characters are rebirths of the characters of the first part but the story is different from the first part.

E xcept for Wangchuk, who dreams of his past life, the other characters are oblivious of their past lives. Besides romance, the film also depicts the strong bond of friendship and trust. The film shows glimpses of activities during the Gomphu kora and Chorten kora tshechus. The film has two songs and was shot in two places in Tashiyangtse within a month.

Read full review at Bhutan Observer

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