Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Singye Galeem

Singye Galeem breaks hearts and box-office records, from: BhutanTimes.bt

January 23, 2008-Phuentsholing: A lot of Bhutanese movies are screened at the legendry Mig cinema hall, but no movie has wowed audiences like Singye Galeem is doing. It began showing last Monday on the silver screen and if box office receipts are anything to go by, it is already hitting record levels, said a Mig cinema representative.

A production of Wisdom Pictures, Singye Galeem is Gasa’s legendry saga of timeless love with the protagonists Lamai Singye and Chang Galeem set in modern times. It portrays the eternal nature of love depicting the tragedy of love incomplete. The lovers are predestined to meet again and again in various forms of reincarnation until love itself is consummated.

The director of the film, Tshering Wangyal, denied that the movie was a sequel to the well-known Gasa Lamai Singye.

“It is not about a sequel. What we have done here is stressed on contemporary times. With two movies on this story already released, it was obvious that the movie should look different. That is why doing this one was more challenging,” he said.

One major challenge the filmmakers faced was the need to fill in the lingering memories of people for the earlier picture by making this an original work of their own.

Tshering Wangyal said one of the ways to do that was by introducing a newer cast with fresh faces. To polish the picture with more than a touch of originality, he faced the task of not only making it his own version but more artistically in making the raw cast enact what was a demanding and daunting role.

The film boasts new debutante Tshering Zangmo playing the female lead, with Tshering Phuntsho and Kinley Zangmo also making their acting debuts. Adding color to the cast is the young and vibrant Chencho Dorji who does a good role playing Singye.

The film’s five songs are well scored lending a melodic soothing cushion to the film’s scenes. Indeed, one of the main strengths of the film is its thematic scores.

The comic element of the film has also been a major factor drawing numerous movie buffs. Gyem Dorji (playing a eunuch) and Phurba Thinley (playing Singye’s brother) are at their comical peak sharing an obvious chemistry between the duo. The role Gyem Dorji ferries as a eunuch has been apparently well received by large sections of the audience.

“The homosexual context in the film is something new to Bhutanese society, but it is all commercial and it seems to have worked well. People are enjoying this part. In order to captivate the audience, sometimes you have to add such scenes,” said Tshering Wangyal.

The movie, filmed at an approximate cost of Nu 1.7 million, was shot extensively in different locations at Thimphu, Paro, Punakha, Gasa, Wangduephodrang and the tea estates of Dalsingpara, about five kilometers away from Jaigaon.

Meanwhile, audiences exiting the cinema hall are all praises for the movie.

“I watched the first show and it is a very good movie. It is very romantic and touching, the story and the music deserve credit. After watching Hindi movies consistently I am surprised the similarities are not as big as I assumed, but I would still rate it 10 out of 10,” said Sonam Choden, a Phuentsholing shopkeeper.

A government employee said that for a change, the movie was good. “But one main drawback in the movie is that there were lots of thing happening at the same time.”

The producer of the film, Yeshi Tshering, is absolutely pleased with the showings. The film is running on two housefuls and ticket revenues are going through the roof at more than Nu 60,000 a day. This is one tragic love story people seem to buy.


Jan said...

Would be nice to see these film at the next Himalaya Film Festival in The Netherlands.

The info is at www.himalayafilmfestival.nl

Anonymous said...

this was such a good film,i watched it twice and the actor chencho dorji is very good looking i must say :), which makes the movie much better

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