Thursday, May 10, 2007

Bhutan Film Awards, Update

Posted with permission from Visit Bhutan 2008

Guys,Sorry for the late video post of the 6th Bhutan National Filmfare awards 2007 held in the Clock Tower Square, Thimphu on the 2nd May coinciding the Birth Anniversary of the Third King of Bhutan Jigme Dorji Wangchuk, The Night was simply a mind blowing for all the Thimphu Resident as they had a wonderful 4 hours of the Awards Ceremony. The Best swap away with the awards, yet Bhutanese Movies have created a nerves breakdown for all the Bhutanese people back home and abroad as they have come up with quality themed movies and story.

Check out the 6th Bhutan National Filmfare awards Video Clip which i got on that Night. For Those of you who don't understand the Bhutanese Language, i bed pardon, Eh!! Sorry.. there was English Announcement as well... so relax and enjoy the clip. :-) :-)

*note: since YouTube is still busted at this part of the world, I'm unable to link it. Visit for the clip


ugyen said...

Hey Cine,
sorry to hear about the youtube busted at your place, thanks for the update.
all the best

Anonymous said...

nice site you have got, i liked it :) thanks for sharing stuffs ;) do have a look at when you get time ;)