Tuesday, March 13, 2007

A Director's Profile

Karma Tshering

Born in Bumthang, Bhutan, Karma Tshering is the first Bhutanese student to take a diploma course in Production and Direction of Film and Television from AAFT. He was trained in AudiovisuaI Technology from Okinawa International Center in Japan in 2000.

He did six feature length films and several short documentary films in Bhutan.

He was awarded the best director award in 2000 (for Chepai Bu) during the first Bhutanese Film festival held in the capital city, Thimphu and best director in 2003 for the film "6 Boys", a film based on true events where six young boys were lost in the high Himalayas for 12 days without food and water.

He worked in Bollywood production "Badhai ho Badhai" as a trainee assiatant director.

He is currently working on a four year dance preservation project (CORE) in Bhutan (2005-2008), a 5 million dollar collaboration project between the Bhutanese government and Honolulu Academy of Arts, USA as the director for production. The project would also be producing a feature film on dance as its main theme financed by the project by the end of this year with major crews from the west.

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