Saturday, February 10, 2007

Who is afraid of Death?

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Movie Review 5 January, 2007 - Movie Review The Death (Chi Da), the latest Bhutanese film screening in Thimphu appears to have instilled a sense of fear among its viewers on the consequences of promiscuity and substance abuse. In that context the film fulfills the objective it was made for: to create awareness on HIV/AIDS and substance abuse.

The film also tries to portray other emerging issues of urbanisation such as lack of quality family time and divorce through an HIV/AIDS infected person who comes out in the open to tell his story.

The two and half-hour film is a flashback with the protagonist played by Gyem Dorji narrating his life in an interview to the TV media.

His life is in a way destined from the consequences of his childhood. He grows up
neglected by his parents and finally when they divorce, he has to cope with the hurtful separation, especially from his sister (Deki) whom he is attached to.

In stereotypical fashion, his mother showers him with money to ease her guilt and ends up spoiling him. As the years go by he begins to find more and more comfort in various drugs. He also gets into few relationships with women.

Most of the people who watched the film said that it was educative and entertaining. Some viewers said that they did not enjoy the scenes portraying the use of drugs. “The depiction could encourage our youngsters to do it instead of deterring them,” said one viewer.

The film, which began screening in Thimphu two weeks ago, has been running to full house during holidays and weekends.

Since the first detection of HIV/ AIDs in 1993, about 101 have been detected with the infection.

By Passang Norbu (

Is this a movie review? I mean, with all due respects to the writer and the national newspaper of Bhutan, so many things are missing here...What happend to the Director, Producer, Photographer, blah, blah...? Are they not supposed to appear in the review?

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