Tuesday, February 27, 2007

The Idea of a Picture

Um, sorry if I will sound like a filmy professor, but just couldn't help making the following notes...*grin*

Filmmaking is a tricky business involving deligence, perseverance, intelligence and a huge sum of money. Like any other forms of Art, films demand an 'out of the world' portrayal of everything...The idea is to mirror the society that we live in. From there, we can either choose to blow-up or shrink the truth (or lies) depending on themes.

As we watch a film, we are dragged into its plot and (seemingly and superficial) realism. From there, we are made to believe the 'story' that it tells and shows. What is on the screen is not everything. What lies out and beyond the frames is equally or sometimes more important.

Emotions must be expressed rather than spoken. I don't think it is necessary for an angry man to say, 'I'm angry', or show a beautiful scene and say, 'wow! It's beautiful', or run a mile and say, 'man, I'm tired!'

View of scenic mountains rippling over the distant horizon, the sunset turning the floating clouds golden, birds chirp, a gentle breeze blows rustling the leaves, cattles call onto each other...where is the need for a background music?

This is funny and equally ridiculous. You fall in love. You sing, dancing around the trees, on top of mountains and hills and under the waterfalls in multitudes of colours, your face beaming with lifetime of grin only to be thawed with the introduction of a steadfast and evil in-laws or a very evil-minded and crooked-looking rival who will always lose in the great battle of love...

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